Saturday, March 21, 2009

Amazing Invention: Number One

As far as this craft bizzo goes, I am more than happy to admit that I am winging it. Two years ago, I was Googling for information on how to cast on knitting stitches. It took me no less than one and a quarter hours to thread my newly acquired, purchased-on-a-whim sewing machine, though winding thread on to the bobbin was a relatively efficient twenty minutes. Naturally, all the above was performed badly and wrongly and through all my mistakes and the interference of a perfectionist gene, I have became a veritable professional - at getting ready to start.

The craft bug took its own sweet time to be diagnosed. Now nary a day goes by without making. Creating things is an essential part of my late-into-the-night. To join this bandwagon, all you need is to invest some time poking around on the web and blogs, making mistakes and being prepared to ask utterly ridiculous questions of lovely old ladies in wool shops.

Which brings me to Amazing Invention Number One. NOT that the lovely ladies at Sunspun are anything even CLOSE to old. They are just excellent. And extremely patient. It was when bemoaning my inability to verify the sizes of unmarked, hand-me-down knitting needles, that I was tactfully introduced to, (cue: drum roll) The Needlesizer. I can't tell you how thrilled I was to discover that simply by poking a needle into a hole, your whole world can become clear. There's even a magnifying bit for lovely old ladies or those just wanting to count stitches and check tension.

My follow up: "So, is there anything else I need to know?" revealed an entire display devoted to doohickeys and whatsits. Hold on to your hats. Future rivoting Amazing Invention unveilings to come.


two little buttons said...

i have just stumbled onto your blog and i love it. i feel very similar at the minute. i was taught to knit years ago by mum but cant remember and now i want to knit knit knit. i also love craft and creating and am loving reading what you have done. any kniting advise will be graetly received !!

Tas said...

Ah, yes. Natty little gadgets just make want me to have them! Then they sit in my messy sewing box of such natty little gadgets on the off chance that I might ever need to use them! But when I do get around to needing them, they'll be useful...and natty!