Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bad girl

Mr Myrtle&Eunice has, for the last two weeks, performed miraculous feats of simultaneous parenting, housekeeping (well, ok, let's be slightly real here), washing, meal preparation, and school taxiing with the minimum of angst and a commendable degree of humour. He has another two weeks before my current working-from-home commitments are over. But get this: today work granted me freedom and leaving the Mr to it, I SWANNED OFF TO THE STITCHES AND CRAFT SHOW. BY MYSELF. Footloose, fancy free AND with his blessing. What a guy. And, oh, how I'll pay.*

But I am bad-er than that. Quite an expensive day, if you factor in the forfeiture of the freelance work and then add the cost of a subscription to this:

plus the woolly goodness here:

and then the can't-live-without-'em-but-not-yet-sure-what-to-do-with-'em fabrics here:

throw in an inevitable button or six:

and then attend a workshop on the way out:

Bad. And so loving it.

* Payment Instalment One: He's at the movies, as I type.

Oh, and those delicious fabrics can be found here, here, and here.


Sonia said...

Am loving your badness!!! And boy what a man!! Those fabrics are scrumptious, can't wait to see what creation emerges. xx

Anonymous said...

Must warn you, Mrs Angus in Northcote has just received a high-end overlocker for her birthday. This means that any unsupervised visits here may result in "creation of interesting, high quality clothing" if you bring a pattern and a couple of hours. We also serve coffee.

Angus in Northcote (one child, one dog, bit of a mortgage, wife doing a PhD in Design of Learning Spaces)

heather said...

i love being bad, too. really really bad. i just said that actually before reading this.... how did you like your subscription to mixtape? did you renew?