Friday, March 27, 2009

Birth Day

Last night I took a punt. The planned arrival of Niece or Nephew Number 366 was scheduled for this morning and I was getting a last minute boy vibe. I tracked down some sweet little shell buttons, took a deep breath and FINISHED the Manly Baby Vest. Way too manly for little Cleo.

Fortunately, Mamma Bear softie caught my eye. I hadn't realised when I crafted her a year ago that she had been made for this little one all along. Clever, aren't I?

Of course, it's also Niece or Nephew Number 107's birthday and she is the recipient of a Lazy Days Skirt. Love that pattern. Since this niece isn't wildly into cartwheeling ("not swingy-out enough, Mum!"), hopefully she digs it too.

PS. Mamma Bear is a Nest Studio creation and can be found within the pages of Softies: 22 Friends For You to Sew, Knit and Crochet. You're a better man (not difficult) than me, if you can find that available anywhere online. Here's an ISBN (0670070823) to work with.


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Congratulations ! Nice name . Pity about the Manly Vest , which I really like , but then you've got a spare baby gift , can't be bad ! The doll's gorgeous and I'd love a bigger version of the skirt ! In fact , you're on a roll at the moment . I'm jealous .

Tania said...

I'm not at all sure about the 'on a roll thing' - I seem to be all over the place. Apparently the urge to knit an over-sized doily is overwhelming - I seem to have cast on the stitches without even noticing!

Loved your visit to Groningen - can I convince you to head to Delft on the next tour?

Ginger said...

Love the skirt!And i knit time to time watching tv at night. Love making dishclothes.
thank you much for dropping by
hugs ginger

thea said...

I'm loving mama bear! Want to make her next!! I made th bunnies for easter: