Thursday, March 19, 2009

Boyfriend (Only Way More Over His Head Than That) Hat

The 'Boyfriend Hat' sounds so fanciful, so free, and somehow so twenty year old, so that bit isn't working for me. Let's try 'Over a Certain Age, Mortgage Owner, Husband to Opinonated Lady, Father to Three Kids, Plus Dog, Plus Worm Farm Hat'. Any takers?

Mr MyrtleandEunice isn't arguing. It's the first bit of relatively non-scary craft his Mrs has created for him. All with the help of the free pattern donated by Stephanie Nicole.

I suspect Mr has a largish head. Instead of knitting 5.5" before decreasing, I kept going to 8.5". This caters for the requested 'turnover' but doesn't explain three whole inches extra. The wool is a Rowan Pure Wool Aran 100g skein, the needles 4.5mm circulars followed by the double pointed versions.

A good, therapeutic knit hit, that hat.


Anonymous said...

I want that hat! My head is also huge. I'm prepared to hand over bribes. Anything. Oh, but can I request a different colour? Something in a light blue, maybe periwinkle or eggshell.

Angus in Northcote (one child, one dog, bit of a mortgage, wife doing a PhD in Design of Learning Spaces)

Tania said...

I would be happy to supply a hat, possibly two, in periwinkle AND eggshell blue - particularly given your openness to bribery and corruption. I hear an overlocker is just the ticket.

Jude said...

Oh my goodness. It took me a while to remember to look at this (memory not working at all well these days) and I LOVE IT. You are so talented - it all looks so great. I have never read a blog before (though I have of course read a lot about blogs!) Your writing, photography and KNITTING are all fab. Oh I wish I could see your home in real life - is it as amazingly fab as the titbits show?? And MAKING dollies? wow. what about kids clothes? I am going a bit crazy cos I have been stuck in the house for the first week of spring with a small boy with tonsilitis so it has been very inspiring to see all this! I just need some more photos of the dog(s?) please. And talking of photos, what kind of camera do you have??

Jude said...

Do you use a sewing machine??

Anonymous said...

LOved the hat does it come in camo green
This post will work,


Tania said...

Jude, thank you for your lovely comments.

I do feel the need to draw your attention to my Mistress of Smoke and Mirrors talent. My house is unfortunately not that glamourous as there is way too much craft going on. Course, all this is helped by the very excellent Nikon D60 camera I use. Not so whizz bang you never fathom its potential and the perfect size for smallish hands than the later models. Sewing Machine: One, Esme the Dog: One.

Hang in there on the tonsilitis front!

Sonia said...

I want one of those too and could call it "my once boyfriend, now husband of 14 years". When you are back to a normal life can i come over hand have a craft session? The only hats I have made are crocheted so i am a bit out of comfort zone when it comes to knitting them. I too want a sewing machine, not sure what to get though. Love to you my friend, miss your smiling face.

Elisabeth Dunker said...

Happy peeps of what looks like, a happy family :)

Tania said...

Elisabeth - thanks for calling in. Happy peeps most of the time, but just so that we keep things real, let me assure you that not a day goes by without some drama on a varying scale!