Saturday, March 21, 2009


Based on the Singing Rainbow* we ALL now know that my rainbow of colours is wrong, wrong, wrong - so here goes green. Should you require further explanation of the wrong, wrong, wrongness, refer back to here, here and here and the drama, as it unfolded, will be revealed. After all that going to the end of the rainbow and back, you may well be wondering when to expect delivery of your pot of gold.

There is something so essential about green that a raucous, flirty red or a mellow, watery blue just doesn't do. I can only imagine that many fellow Victorians returning to communities devastated by recent bushfires must ache for the show of green. There is hope in green. Green is regeneration, resilience, the beginning of new life, a new season, a something.

Over Christmas and New Year last year, I made this wreath for our door. There was nearby festive fairylight involvement, but it was the simplicity of a scrap of fabric and a bundle of (at the time) green vines, that appealed. I took great pleasure arriving home to this bird's welcome. The inevitable deep breaths required to sail through the tail end of a year were a lot less panicked when standing at my front door. By the time a whole new year was in sight, this bird signalled the beginnings of summer holiday ice creams, days at the beach and a child's first day at school.

The bird is one of way too many I have made from the free pattern available from Spool Sewing. If you don't quite think you are up to the eight hands and tenacity required to create the gorgeous bird mobile, then you can always do what we did: drill a hole in the hall wall, stick in a tree branch and await a flock of birds.

* The Singing Rainbow is based on the song "I can sing a Rainbow", by Arthur (I've-Got-A-Lot-To-Answer-For) Hamilton. The colours of the rainbow as they appear in this song are: red, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange and blue.

The correct colours of the rainbow, as dictated by the Roy G Biv rule are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

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SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Can't have a rainbow without pink , surely ? Meanwhile , I'm just loving your lovely photos and longing for sun on a regular basis .....the sun , I mean , not the longing .And I know what you mean about The Blogging to a Brick Wall feeling ....only I see myself as standing on a street corner , waving photos and shouting , getting weird looks from passers-by . So I've now stopped lurking to say Hello .

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow Girlfriend - where do you find the time?

I'm thinking you've found a crack in the space/time portal and I want some!

I am blown away by all you've created and am HUGELY jealous (you can take that as a 'green' for your rainbow - GRIN!)

Lovin' your blog - keep 'em coming. You may just shove this inertia away from my life - you inspiration you - SMILE!


Tania said...

Tee Hee! SmitoniusAndSonata, I love the visual image of you on street corners, shouting and waving weirdly at passersby. Must go down a right royal treat in London. Thank you for dropping by to say hello - I have had great pleasure returning the favour on yours.

Tania said...

Lisa - oh I wish I had indeed negotiated that space/time portal lark. Glad to hear there may be some vague inspirings going on - now hop right to it, Mrs!

Anonymous said...

I love the wreath. The bird is perfect.