Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nope. THIS is a Big Day Out.

It's been one huge week and a bit. Disappointingly, my life isn't usually quite this action-packed. Usually I'm knitting. In fact, I haven't been to a rock concert for five, er, ten, er, seventeen years. Mr and I are mighty proud of ourselves staying the distance over the entire Sound Relief concert at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. A charity event to aid survivors of the Victorian bushfires, we were two of 81,000 screaming, singing (we went to sleep with our ears ringing) fans - and we weren't even the oldest ones (or the only ones with picnic blankets). But let me just detail for you the unimaginable impressiveness of this achievement:

• 9.5 hours of rock concert
• 8.25 hours of standing and mostly boogie-ing
• 1.25 hours collapsed on aforementioned rubber-backed picnic rug
• 3 x no less than 7 minute, torrential downpours (less boogie-ing here)
• 8.75 hours of utter sodden-ness from thigh down (think a quick, fully-clothed dip in the nearest river)
• 8.75 hours of damp everywhere else
• 8.75 hours of Very Bad Hair Day

We had a ball. Loved almost every performance and I surprised myself silly moshing away to Wolfmother.

This is where things are at today.

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