Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pink (or) Singing Rainbows* (or) The Day My World Was Rocked

Red and yellow and
Pink and green
Purple and orange and blue
I can sing a rainbow
Sing a rainbow
Sing a rainbow too.

By Arthur Hamilton

Arthur is in big trouble. Suse over at Pea Soup has pointed out to me that Noni Hazelhurst has also done me oh-so-wrong singing that song. That just goes to show the perils of television - even PlaySchool. Not only has Noni committed the ultimate betrayal but an entire education as a graphic designer and FIFTEEN years masquerading as one such designery type, has failed to reveal the truth about rainbows. I am a picture of devastation.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

In response, I have decided to flog a dead horse, though I'll be corresponding with Arthur, Noni and Kevin (surely our Prime Minister can do something?). In the spirit of inclusion and for all those led astray (since Googling the song and difficulty locating real rainbow info, I realise there have to be millions), I shall continue to present to you the WRONG rainbow.

And so to pink. What self-respecting seven year old hosting an Under The Sea party and suffering Pink Syndrome, wouldn't deny their mother a headache or two creating a formed doll? You'll notice I delightedly opted out on legs and may have gone overboard on mermaid hair. But for a kid with very slow growing, curly tresses (we're talking two trips to the hairdresser to date, both times involving a completely unnoticeable trim), all those plait-able locks have great potential.

For an inexperienced formed doll maker, I found the kit and instructions I sourced from here a goodie, however, I now know that others exist. For those local to my neck of the woods you can also try here, here and here for kits and supplies.

* A Singing Rainbow is based on fictitious colour and combination. Scroll down for previous wrong rainbow postings.


Green Kitchen said...

I was wondering what song you were referencing. I was too embarrassed to ask. ;) I'm thinking about maybe doing pink, too. Actually, I'm finding it difficult to stay on task. I just spent the better part of two days making half of a patchwork tablecloth and really want to post about it. No rules, right?

Tania said...

Green Kitchen, I was also too embarrassed to ask: who on earth is Roy G Biv? And why doesn't he change his name? As far as I am concerned, patchwork tablecloths sound just the ticket.

Anonymous said...

Your rainbow has only a few colors.
What about Joseph's coat of many colors do you think they get the colors right every time they sing the song. I wonder.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link tania , it's nice to be referred on. Your little mermaid is just lovely well done !

S said...

Paint some red up in the sky, some orange and some yellow way up high. paint some green and blue, some indigo too. Then paint some violet and what do you get? all the colours of the rainbow, la, la, laaaaa. Sorry never seem to be able to pass up an opportuntity to sing that little ditty.