Friday, March 13, 2009


Michelle over at Green Kitchen is doing rainbows. Pea Soup is also joining in. An exercise in photography of each of the seven colours and with a No Rules Policy. That latter bit appeals, as does starting out with red. I can really do red - we'll worry about the yellow later. I'm thinking five of each colour but have that NRP up my sleeve. Already I'm noticing the way it's opening my sleep-deprived eyeballs (toddler waking issues around here) to the world, er, home around me. Wish it was a bit tidier.

Red typography is fetishist delight in these here parts:

If only they came in my size:

You can't get redder than an acquired-in-England post box:

If you are already sick of this bit of linen in the background of many of my shots, hold tight. Photography is a super speedy affair without the need for the cleaning off of breakfast evilness first.

I can confirm that these hooks are heavy duty stuff. I, Mistress of Smoke and Mirrors have removed the multitude of bags, hats, coats and cubby house-making paraphernalia and dumped them on the floor below. All in the name of red of course.


Green Kitchen said...

Hey! Thanks for joining in. I love your reds. I, too, want those shoes in my size. I keep wanting to post more pics, but have been getting hung up in finishing this or that and am stalling. I need to remind myself of the no rules policy. ;)

Suse said...

Ooh your reds are delicious.

And I am actually being very strict about my rules. No pink anywhere because according to the roy g biv rule, pink doesn't appear in the rainbow! (red orange yellow green blue indigo violet). Are you thinking of Noni Hazelhurst's song "I can sing a rainbow", which always annoyed the hell out of me when my boys were small and we watched Playschool because it teaches them the wrong colours, in the wrong order!

(I'm so pedantic. Does it show?)