Sunday, March 8, 2009

Starting stuff

I sense the ominous approach of a new obsession. Storage. Those who know me well, will suspect it is the smoke and mirrors aspect that appeals. Neatly stacked boxes, their fronts 'faced' like a good supermarket shopping experience - but beware the state of the contents.

The same sort of theory goes for this blog. Goodness knows where it goes, or if indeed it does pass go but it has been a background itch for quite some time. Besides, I feel guilty about all this lurking on other people's blogs. If nothing else, it's a stab at holding on to some everyday happenings and inspirings, that together may just put together a piece of a picture of now. A neatly packaged storage system for some time later (no guarantee on the state of the contents). After a while, my anklebiters might appreciate that - I know I wish I had something like it.

Which brings me to the Myrtle and Eunice thing. Inspired by a memory of childhood Saturdays spent at my Nana and Pa's house and the inevitable Scrabble Battle between two lovely old ladies, one of which I wish I knew a hell of a lot more about. But I was too little back then to know to ask the questions and now it's just a lot too late.


Sonia said...

Oh my, i am salivating. I am a storage box addict, not that you would think so looking at the shape some of my cupboards are in but i love anything storage or freeing my life of clutter!!!! Go girl, love those boxes. can i come over and feel them and stare at them and open them? Please?

Tania said...

There surely has to be a prize for the first ever commenter? You may come and see my storage boxes! You have already been warned about the state of the contents. And lovely not to be talking to a brick wall.

Anonymous said...

where did you get those fantastic red metal edged labels?