Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Thunder of Tiny Feet (I fully intend to knit the matching pair)

There isn't any gentle 'pattering' going on in my part of the world. As far as I can tell, anyone I have ever met is actively involved in having a baby. While this could be deemed a minor exaggeration, the first to arrive will be, excitingly, tomorrow, and this small, sweet bundle won't even be able to lay claim to his or her own birthday. There are now so many grandchildren in this family (it feels like 365 at the Christmas table) we are having to share around a few important dates.

A while ago, I experienced a moment of conscientious preparation and lined up the first of the baby gift projects. Everything has since fallen apart. Apparently, I am allergic to finishing. While I am concerned a theme may be developing, (as she glances to her left at the yellowing insurance documents, requiring but a witnessed signature), I may have the beginnings of an explanation.

When I make, I think a lot about the recipient. Endless consideration goes into the subtlety of colour and the perfect button. Of course, I always factor in the risk that I have read things appallingly and am about to gift something more vile than the birthday present from Aunt Hattie, in 1983. As I haven't the foggiest as to the flavour of any of these wee ones, it's all proving way too tricky. And then I have always been a sucker for pushing a deadline.

So here's where things stand. The Mary Jane Bootie above, which is supposed to be a 'left' but is looking disturbingly like a 'right', is after a tiny shiny red button and a bit of end-weaving in. Oh, and it's partner. You can find the pattern here.

Below, is the Manly Baby Vest, apparently intended for a very boy-flavoured wee one and wanting some small wooden buttons down the side and at one shoulder. Loved that it was all crafted in one, without any of that joining lark.

Then there is the excellent Baby Yoda pattern (with a 6-12 month version courtesy of Sooz, here). A great knit, because the wraparound style, (assuming the i-cords eventuate), means that it fits a bit longer.

Now for the procrastination and diversion. I ended up enjoying this knit so much, that I'm back for round two.


Christie said...

i hate finishing stuff. it isn't fun & exciting like starting stuff. i have 2 baby gifts half finished...

love the red mary jane, makes me want to knit!

Anonymous said...

I am beginning to look forward to a nightly peek at your blog. I just love that gorgeous little red bootie. I know a little someone they would be gorgeous on by the name of Cleo.

Tania said...

Yeah, and Christie, you're not helping my case. I've been checking out your gorgeous kid drawing embroidery thingies. That sort of inspiration isn't helping the missing Mary Jane.

Karen said...

Thank you so much for the cute baby knit patterns. I need to make several baby gifts and these are perfect!! Karen K