Sunday, March 29, 2009

Words and Pictures: Little Things

It has been a slow moving, curving ball, coming out of left field. And I should have seen it sooner. Distracted by the tunnel vision of a busy life, I have only recently opened my eyes to the stuff of growing old.

As I watch, my lovely Granny grapples with momentous change. To some, these changes are dismissed as little things. But then imagine the forfeiture of your drivers license and how indignant the loss of independence. The physical ailments and aches are the ultimate betrayal, as your body fails to keep up with your mind or stand up with your will. The loss of the little things knocks confidence; plants a seed of doubt. Less certain of your convictions, how tiring it is to stand up to the barrage of everyone's version of 'what's best'.

'Little Things' is this week's 'Words and Pictures' theme organised by Meet Me At Mikes. Take a peek here for more stories (you'll be needing a serious cup of tea).

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Sonia said...

You have touched on something that will probably be very real for most of some day. Just recently, i have thought about our Grannies and Grandpas were young people once with dreams and aspirations who have lived through many exciting and interesting experiences that have made them who they are today. And one day (if I am one of the lucky ones) will live to see my own grandchildren. Will I feel old? Or will I feel like I do now when I look back at my 20's, that I am still the same person, with more experience and enjoying life with just more life history. But ultimately it is still me, still with dreams and hopes. Do we grow old still feeling young at heart? I am going to try!!!