Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Asking for Trouble

It's not like I sit around twiddling my thumbs much. Only Monday evenings and even then I'm not really watching the Spooky MI5 thrillingness on the box – I'm too busy counting stitches. For this reason, I made a conscious decision to shun the World of Quilting, until the invention of the 27 hour day.

Today I popped into Amitié to purchase a few scraps of loveliness. Do you think I could move past the Town and Country quilt kit laid before me? Not a chance. Even I, oh huffy one, who way prefers to angst over her own colour combinations, thank you very much, instantly threw in the towel and submitted to the inevitable. Greatly impressing at least myself that it's 'batting' I need for the middle bit of the quilt sandwich, I am now all set and there is no stopping me.*

* Except possibly the 19 other tasks now requiring urgent attention (we can't live on bread and chutney alone, apparently).


Di said...

Ooohh- what a lovely looking pile of quilting goodness! I have to say I force myself not to go to Amitie very often for fear of what might happen...
Good luck with the task list. In my experience removing "just quickly check my emails" from the list can make it much easier to get to the other things... ;)

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Totally off topic...But just wanted to let you know that the post you sent to the UK to a H.W. was received :o)

Thank you very much...she was thrilled with her own personal mail.

Anonymous said...

Just amazing! Where do you get the time and energy?
Hope to catch up soon in-between all the quilting, knitting, craft projects and 19 other tasks!
Love your cousin J xo
Ps Hope that youngest child is doing okay!
left a voice msg on your mobile.

Anonymous said...

Who does the cooking while the blog gets attended to????