Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Finding Faces

We have three Inspire Wires* hanging in our kitchen. They are located in a high traffic zone, (floor is in desperate mopping need) and visible from a number of vantage points. The bits and bobs that live on our Inspire Wires, include mementoes of pre-kid lifetimes, photographic evidence of dodgy hairdos and incredulous fashion moments, crafty kid creations, swatches of pattern, seasonal treasures and just plain stuff to make us smile.

I coveted my well-travelled postcard, above, more than a decade ago. A Swiss designery couple, Francois and Jean Robert, had embarked on a photographic study of 'faces' found in everyday objects. This postcard is a perfect synopsis of their joy-filled book, Face to Face. It lurks on our Inspire Wires as my reminder to keep my eyes peeled. Between the everyday rituals of an ordinary old Wednesday, I can still find a few extraordinary personalities lurking around the house...

1. Storage box containing emergency stash of kid DVDs. Hauled out on sick days, or occasional Mum-really-needs-a-moment-now school holiday day. Not that the kids have cottoned on to that yet.

2. Child’s wooden toy (things happen with the wooden balls, though since we lost two, the effect is somewhat lessened):

3. Can of Ayam Coconut Milk, 270ml, No preservative! No thickener! No whitener! (apparently):

PS. Keeping my eyes peeled is good for my soul. I therefore pledge, (on a slightly committed level), an ongoing 'Finding Faces' mission. If anyone else is up for the challenge, let me know. You will then have immediately upped the ante and I will be starting to freak out slightly. But I would be delighted to publish any jpeg contributions or link to posts or whatnot. And if no one puts up a hand to hold me accountable, I shall consider myself footloose, fancy free and with less homework.

* Our Inspire Wires were, er, inspired, by Amanda Soule Blake's (aka Soulemama) 'inspiration wires' as shown in her book ‘The Creative Family’. Amongst many other great notions there is an idea for a musical 'banging wall', involving a great many noisy accoutrements, such as saucepan lids. I haven't yet checked in with the neighbours on that one.


Christie said...

i shall start looking :-)

Tania said...

Excellent. And Christie over at Pigeon Pair with her ante-upping didn't make me freak out much at all.

gemma @ loz and dinny said...

um ... now you have planted the face finding seed - I am not going to be able to stop doing this now. ps you take lovely photos

Jo James said...

So weird, I was just thinking this morning about the faces I always see in the bathroom fixtures and that I should do some sort of photo series about all the faces of the inanimate objects in my life. Cool!

Anonymous said...

Hey Beautiful,

Here's a link to some of those images I was telling you about.

Keep 'em coming - see you when the term arrives!