Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Creative Space AND A Granny A Day

Am I allowed to do two meme’s in one? It wasn’t planned. It just struck me, as I pushed the One Armed Bandit (child with arm in sling) on her swing, while sitting on the one next to her, crocheting a granny square and singing Seesaw, Marjorie Daw, (this kid digs nursery rhymes, whereas the neighbours are, quite rightly, about to file a singing restraining order), that I was in multi-tasking mode.

So I’m playing along with Kootoyoo and zillions of others this week with My Creative Space. This morning my space involves a heavy, moving, demanding object and requires extreme co-ordination, a sense of timing and nimble fine motor skills.

Up until a few days ago, I had resisted Pip’s Granny A Day. Then things got really busy around here and I realised a granny provided an excellent and speedy crafty hit. Easily portable, I could possibly fit a little crochet in during the school pick up wait. Now, however, it appears to have infiltrated way further than that. The ‘Mamma, seesaw!’ request for a swing would not usually prompt an ‘oh yes, I'll just grab the crochet hook and two balls of yarn and for every ten swings I reckon I could get three treble stitches in before she screams HIGHER!’


Beck said...

I am in heavy duty crochet mode - well maybe not as h.d. as when I first started but I do love the portability like you. And it's so satisfying to start AND finish something..even if it is just a square! Just keep going and before you know it you'll have a nice warm blanket. x need one today, it's freezing here in Daylesford

Anonymous said...

ohhhh me too !! I have been trying to resist the granny-a-day but i am thinking it is too tempting.
thanx for sharing this cute post about your day!!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

You have to be the Multi-Tasking Queen !!!