Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Two Things

First Thing
Thank you for a lovely lot of therapeutic emailings and comments sympathising with our Emergency Room Easter. Some of the gulpingly terrifying anecdotes that accompanied them, make our tiny finger episode look like a mere walk in the park! This prompted me to remember something that periodically ran through my head while in the ER: We are lucky ones. We can fix things. And I do feel, oh, so lucky.

In the meanwhile, the newly named One-Armed Terror is doing just fine, thank you very much. I gave the "Whacka, Whacka" parenting technique, (the term Mr and I give for the sound of the helicopter, ever-hovering style of bringing up kids), a good go but to no avail. Shadowing the small person in an attempt to prevent further catastrophe, was a patent failure, only prompting dramatics and defiant leaps off even taller buildings in a single bound. Sigh.

Second Thing

Speaking of defiant, the single tomato plant that has kept us in salad all summer and wildly, maniacally, overtaken our driveway, has had an extreme manicure. And looky here, at this giant salad bowl filled with green, never destined to ripen much tomatoes. Mr Myrtleandeunice has that look in his eye again - that would be the chutney-making look. Apparently this time, it's a recipe for: Loads of Green And One Red Tomato Chutney.


Unknown said...

Thanks for checking me out!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I've just got back from an internet-free weekend and caught up with your news . Poor little scrap ! My two eldest did precisely that , too . I can still see the four of us , grouped round the bike , in stunned silence , my mother , me , the twirler and the twirled . Then all hell broke loose . We couldn't get her hand out again , so I flagged someone down and he kindly drove us to the hospital , waited and drove us back . It turned out that he was the local NSPCC man and well known in Accident and Emergency ! Your daughter was obviously much less lucky , having to stay in and have an operation . But children are astonishingly tough .....you'll take a lot longer to get over the fright . Get well soon all of you !

the little travelers said...

that's some pruning! kisses to the little one! ouchy.

Anonymous said...

Just in case that Mr. will take off that chutney-making look, I have a great recipe for green tomatos pickles.

L x

Beck said...

Love the photos of the tomatoes...sorry to hear about the accident. Ow! Nice to visit your blog, will pop back x

thea said...

Great idea!! I also have a tomatoe plant and it's dying now and I want to throw it out (have loved it long, but its season is over) this is a GREAT idea to use the leftover green toms.