Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Eye Spy... My New Favourite Blogs

Jhoanna over at One Red Robin has come up with this week’s Eye Spy...and I’m afraid I’m going to have appeal to Cindy, the maker-up-er of the rules to let me tweak things slightly and play My New-To-Me Favourite Blogs. There are way more than I can shake a stick at and they are all pootling around on my sidebar there. Course everyone else knew all about them way before I came along. This is mainly because I’m a bit new myself and playing some serious catch-up on all the crafty goodness that’s been passing me by. Lately there has been a bit of feedback from those who know me but who are new to the blog world. Apparently, it’s great coming to visit me, so they can go and see what all the other blogs are doing (er, thanks guys. I think).


Anonymous said...

Not JUST to see what everyone else is doing - it's not like I'm looking over your shoulder whilst talking to you in the playground - GRIN!

Oh and consider this a comment left = loneliness abandoned - SMILE!


Finn said...

Tania, hello,

I am very glad you liked my photos! I am new in this blog world, too; when i started, I thought it would only be for thoughts and past writings, but, i soon realised that images are a much more efficient means for communication throught these blogs. So, I found once again my photographer-self :) Thanks for the encouragement, i wish you good luck with everything!