Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Canasta Tournament, a Spider and Biscuit Medals for Lovely Blogs

Some centuries ago, me, my best friend Debbie, my Mum and Granny were playing our summer holiday, nightly Canasta tournament, into the wee small hours. My usual annoying ‘a fast game is a good game!’ quip was interrupted by three piercing screams. A giant, juicy, mouse-sized (not including legs), Huntsman spider was pootling along the nearest wall. Had the spider resembled a mouse in anything more than size, I too would have turned to jelly. As it was, someone had to be a man* about things and I boldly snatched a saucepan, a bit of newspaper and captured spidey with a kerplunk into the pan. As he was tapping away looking for the nearest saucepan exit, I'll admit that walking out into the deathlike quiet of a moonless night was daunting. Removing the newspaper lid and blindly flicking spidey into the dark, was also a fine and courageous act.

I have never known glory as bestowed upon me by three hysterical canasta opponents. Had Mariah Carey been around to sing Hero, no doubt she would have fronted up to the door then and there and had a three piece backing vocal. As it was, all that was available was an uninspired looking biscuit and a bit of string. Mum fashioned me an edible medal, there was a presentation ceremony and giggly fits of three-in-the-morning hilarity. From that moment on, whenever I win anything – be it a three legged race, a calisthenics solo performance (replete with stunning side stage entrance cartwheel to the Star Wars theme), or a blog award, I think of the original bikkie medal.

Which finally brings me to the point of all this long-windedness. Over the last couple of weeks, Kate at One Flew Over, Lisa at Cute as Buttons and Lou from Buttons by Lou Lou have bestowed the One Lovely Blog Award upon Myrtle and Eunice. I am chuffed and blushing on behalf of the ladies. Many hearty thanks to you.

With the awards come the rules. With the rules come my own fifteen nominations for lovely blogs. The problem is I could name about seventy. The following are arty, crafty blogs that make my day. Please note, arty, crafty bloggers that make my day, you’re not tagged, unless you want to be. I’m just handing you over an award of appreciation with a bonus bikkie...

Gina is the genius behind the inspired Swiney softie, appeals to my sense of the absurd and tackles real life with great aplomb.

Craft Schmaft
Claire appears to be able to torment any sock in to a characterful softie delight.

Beck’s blog makes me want to crawl under a granny blanket in a cosy corner and knit stuff.

Just when I think nothing else could be done with felt, Floortje serves up another beautifully crafted something.

Claire has some lovely photography, gorgeous jewellery (and a giveaway if you hurry over by the 6th).

If it’s a grey old wintry day, head on over to Andrea’s for a veritable explosion of colour and crafty know-how.

Loz and Dinny
Sewer of gorgeousness, with a current vinyl obsession (after a 20 metre vintage find) and a feisty streak that comes out at garage sales.

My Black Cardigan
It’s a case of I have no idea how Nikki does it, but along with one year old twins, she has one heck of an imagination, leads the field in emergency softie surgery (but has unfortunate taste in music).

Pepperberry & Co
A wicked sense of humour, some inspired storytelling and excellent crafty tutorials to be found over here.

Prone to even longer post titles than me, Nanette is one of those who crafts personality into everything but prompts tea-spluttering-over-keyboard-laugh-out-loudness.

Smitonius and Sonata
There’s an impressive vintage button collection and quirky random pics lurking around here.

Even after all this time, Soulemama still reminds me to breathe.

The Cart Before the Horse
You never know what critter is popping up on Jo’s blog, but they all have their own uber personality.

Ric Rac
No one else could write about middle-of-the-school-holiday-shopping-centre-jean-purchasing with such startling honesty. Jodie also has, oh, a truckload of crafty creativity.

You Sew Girl
Nikki knows real stuff about making really nice stuff. And she generously shares a bounty of information. Plus she has a kid who wears her coat upside down to the supermarket.

* I know a man who comes over all a’flutter at the mere sight of a moth


Nikki said...

Awww, shucks! And thanks for the lowdown and heads-up (makes for an interesting dance move, no doubt) on so many other lovely blogs.

And yes - memory of the Safeway trip in the upside-down coat still makes me smile!!

Kylie said...

I like the sound of that upside-down-coat kid! :) K

Mrs Button said...

Laughed so loud at the whole Hero/Biscuit Medal scenario that I woke the sleeping infants!!!!!! You are a funny girl but no good for the pelvic floor. Lisa x

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

We've come over all pink and giggly . Thankyou !! All I can say is that your blog is a constant source of amusement and entertainment , from Big Spider Hunting to hairy dogs in hairier jumpers and designer luggage for bandy chickens . I'll let you see my buttons any time ( I'd rephrase that if I had more time ) .Sonata

Jo James said...

I'm off to check out all the others :)
My son, who wants the computer, does NOT thank you ;)

floortje said...

thank I'm blushing!! love that you gave me the honour..are you already up for the swap?...just let me know. In two weeks summerholiday starts..which is great but I don't know how many me time is left for me...but I'm always in for a swap...

Mel said...

Well congratulations (on both counts)! You deserve it! And I am so with you on soulemama. I keep expecting my love to wane but it just doesn't.

CurlyPops said...

Next time I have a spider emergency, I know who to call!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Well done on the awards!! Love the biscuit medal idea - simple and sweet.

Anonymous said...

spider catching, stunning side stage entrance cartwheels, brilliant design... is the ANYTHING you can't do?



edward and lilly said...

hehe, that story cracks me up!

M* (Melanie) said...

Hilarious story! I am inspired both by your spider bravery or the fact you play canasta. I absolutely love canasta and it's rare to find someone else who can play it.

Jodie said...

heya , Thanks - what an impressive list to be included in !!!
I love that biscuit medal....

Kaylovesvintage said...

that biscuit medal is so cool, great idea, I make some for my next party with the girl friends, that will be fun
got stamps, now I only need to go hunting for some cool summer cards..
I would need you address

GUGAW said...

thank you lovely lady. and an edible medal is a genius idea!

Finki said...

What a gorgeous story, reminds me of those late nights I'd have with my family and a canasta pack, minus the big chunky mouse like spider...ewww.
I love your blog, you have a fantastic writing style.

Sandra @ Pepperberry & Co. said...

Aw, shuckles! Thank you so much for such high praise :-) I would like my (vegan) edible medal delivered to the lake in the middle of Malaysia just under the sun and to the left of the rainforest. Thank you.

Sandra @ Pepperberry & Co. said...

And OMG, OMG, OMG, if you saved me from a flesh-eating, eyeball-swallowing monster of a s*&%#r like that, I would personally don one of Mariah Carey's outfits, organise my own 3-part vocal troupe, and sing hero while standing on a giant white chocolate ice cream cake. You deserved every accolade you got.

xx Sever Arachnophobe

Nikki said...

Thanks for the bonus bikkie mention... I feel very special. Although I did imagine standing on the dias, national anthem belting out, bending down to have the biscuit medal delicately placed over my head then RIPPED away as you threw in the hurtful comment about my music taste (something which I have clearly explained!).

Anyway, I must move on (for the time being). I think you are very brave for:
1. taunting me AGAIN about music
2. rescuing your loved ones from the human-eating, giant-sized, fire-breathing spider

Let me show you how I feel about your heroic efforts with a song...

"Did you ever know that you're my hero?
You're everthing I'd like to be.
I could fly higher, than an eagle,
Cause you are the wind beneath my wings".

Nanette said...

You had me at 'canasta'.

Anytime you are heading in the Canberraly direction I'll have a pack of cards on hand and a baker's dozen of Maries.
PS Thanks for including me.
PPS I think there is a blog post calling out to be written on the whole calisthenics solo performance issue.

Cindy said...

I am not surprised that your blog has been nominated so many times, I am always excited to find if their are new M+E stories in my blog reader, always great and gorgeous photos.