Sunday, March 7, 2010

Seven Things, One Other Thing and a Giveaway Hint

Despite the fact that yesterday afternoon most of the rest of Melbourne and Victoria ducked under cover from a deluge of rain, torrential road rivers and fist sized hailstones, despite the fact that railway stations and art galleries remain closed, a couple of kilometres away we celebrated family birthdays, noted some spots of rain and that was about it. More crazy weather to come this afternoon.

In the meanwhile, the lovely Kylie of 3 Sheets and yonks ago, the very excellent pair from Smitonius and Sonata and the sweet Buttons by Lou Lou tagged me for a Creative Blogger award. Seven things to reveal. Here goes:

I am as superstitious as get out. I touch wood, make deals with pavement cracks, ‘slurp’ back words, say ‘take it back’. It is an affliction inherited from my mother. Put me and my three siblings in the same room, say something we don’t want to happen and we’ll come over like a pack of nutters.

I have a typography affliction, limited storage space and somewhat unlimited patience for a large white wall upon which to do alphabet.

I use words like malarkey, jiffy, thingummyjig, whatsit, strewth, yonks and fair dinkum way too much. I say ‘What do you think it is, Bush Week?’. My kids know the words to Daisy Bell. They can belt ’em out on call. All together now:

Daisy, Daisy,
Give me your answer do!
I'm half crazy,
All for the love of you!
It won’t be a stylish marriage,
I can’t afford a carriage,
But you'll look sweet upon the seat
Of a bicycle built for two!

Once I did an uplanned, just happened to be passing by, bungee jump from a crane in London. I was terrified only after my feet left the platform, my body arched in the air and there was nothing but me and gravity (and an elastic band). Then I was elated. Afterwards I could have conquered the world.

When I was nineteen I went to Holland to live with my Dutch boyfriend. It lasted two years, but I never did perfect the rolling ‘r’. I also once spilt a glass of red wine on a lady in a cream suit when working in a posh restaurant and told her in Dutch that I was very sorry but I needed to apologise in English.

My third baby was a water birth in our living room. This is the single most amazing thing I have ever done.

I am grumpy in the mornings, stubborn, fiery, good at admitting wrong, terrified of mice, brave with spiders, a stickler for ‘fair’, bad at texting without punctuation, appalling at Twitter, writer of lists, prone to hibernation, winging the parenting, an uninspired cook, a night owl and until recently a sufferer of a brooch hang up. Thanks to Cam, Sophie, ReRead and this beauty by Sandrine, plus coaching and art direction from these two, I can now do confident brooch. Just don’t let on if I have it all wrong.

I’m supposed to tag seven bloggers - so here goes, in a casual, only if you want to sort of fashion: Heather, Z, Madeline, Sophie, Drewzel, The Mrs, Pam.

One Other Thing
10.30pm last Wednesday I was walking from the city approaching the College of the Arts on the way to my car. Along the daytime jam-packed but now quiet St Kilda Road came a girl cycling. Sitting, with back straight, legs a’peddling, she moved her arms in a fluid, silent choreography. A breathtaking, fleeting, bicycle ballet. I turned to watch until she was lost in street lights and waiting taxis. A tiny, fortuitous gift.

‘T is For Towel’ Giveaway Hint
There are lots of brilliant ‘second draw’ email entries coming in and I am BLOWN AWAY by how differently people think. Currently there is only one silhouette which seems to be (unsurprisingly) causing consistent across-the-board difficulty. If you’re unsure about an animal-like critter, could it be a looney marsupial?


Madeline said...

Ha! I love your seven...or more...reveals. Very fun. Thanks for tagging me! Of course, don't expect my 7 to be nearly so fabulously entertaining. :)

Oh, and my mother used to sing us that song. I had all but forgotten it. Thanks for the reminder.

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

Nice to learn more about you ... my friends and I , while at uni started a campaign to bring the term "what do you think it is bushweek?" back into common use as all our dads said it. Glad you are keeping the dream alive.
I am a fan of typography also , but I have a particluar love of the ampersand...I had a broock hangup until I came across Elk then I knew I had to overcome... I do dress around the brooch though....
I am stuck on 2 of the T's but I want to guess them without a clue...

Unknown said...

OOOO I think your little hint just totally helped me! I think you might have tagged me but when I clicked on my name it took me to Madeline's lovely blog. Was it me, if so I would to play along! I'm off to send you my guesses!
Sophie x

CurlyPops said...

Please don't change number three. That's one of the things that I love about blogging - we can use all of the ocker slang words that our hearts desire, and hopefully they'll be forever entwined in our language for years to come... I get really sad when everyone uses store instead of shop. I wan't to read as if someone is speaking to me in their own language with no fix ups of language!

I completely thought that I had that particular silhouette wrong but maybe not???

PS - I'm very glad that you're now wearing brooches

Essay comment over and out!

One Flew Over said...

I'm quite partial to 'crikey'.

Love your 7 things!


Kylie said...

Yah! Thanks for playing along Tania :) I love that you use all those old sayings like 'bush week' etc - I do too! (my secret is out). Also I'm a closet superstitious one as well (shh, no-one knows that one either!). So lovely to read all these amazing things about you. We'll have to have a chat some time about Dutch men ;) Kx

p.s. Love the dancing bicyclist story :)

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

You sound perfectly well adjusted to me ! Well , perhaps not the impromptu bungee jump ..... and strewth ?
But the sum total of all these quirks and happenstances can certainly carry off a brooch with flair .
Marsupial with "t" ? A Tossum ?

Hayley Egan said...

Re. the first part of #3: I know you do!!
Re. number #6: I knew that too, but thanks for reminding me. Warms me up in a sighing kind of way. :)

trash said...

Can't everyone's children sing that? Perhaps we should skype ours singing a duet?

Loving the bicycle ballet.

crzylady said...

so fun :) Thank you letting us take a peek in :)

Smallest Friend said...

Great list. I'm always so inspired my women who give birth at home. And bungee jumping too? That's pretty nuts.

Jo James said...

I just like the heck outta you. And your Aussie slang makes you so exotic to this homebody Yank.

I thought I was the only one who sings Daisy Daisy. My kids do NOT know the words, but only because they are teenagers now and are thus well-practiced at ignoring their mom and have long-since abandoned the songs they sang in the bathtub in their youth.

Unknown said...

Fun post..Loved reading it and OMG I absolutely love that alphabet pic..I want a wall like that...

Fer said...

*giggle* That's cool... :D

Karin said...

So much fun to get a little insight into your brain ;-) Oh, and about that r? In some areas here in Holland, especially the towns with the bigh houses and lots of money, people don't do the r rolling either, but much more like the english r. So don't worry about it. You probably just sound very chic ;-)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Doesn't everyone know the words to "Daisy" ?? It is reassuring to know that I am not the only jiffy thingamajig utterer out there.

Mel said...

You can text me anytime. I am a stickler for texting grammar, punctuation, spelling the whole kit and kaboodle! Oh and why not work my favourite word (especially of late) into your repetoire: CRIKEY! Hope you're not beingwashed away. Melbourne's weather made the weather channel in Utah! Xx

Mel said...

Sigh all that talk of spelling and then I squish words together ... Strooth!

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

I loved reading this post. What a fabulously fabulous woman you are.

Love reading about the cyclist. I could picture every moment of it.

Sandrine said...

Thanks for sharing your 7 things, that was a pleasure to read.And a great pleasure to see a picture of you wearing your red little brooch, thanks ;)

heather said...

i just enjoyed all your recent posts so much! i am so impressed with your knitting!! how are the cables coming along? i never used one of those jiggers. i did it the no cable needle way, but i bet i'll see what it's like with a jigger too someday. also, sometimes you make me slow down, which is a blessing, to understand what your creative self is saying with your unique way of combining words. and, i have recently in the past few years decided to try and give up my huge habit of superstition. i took it to an unhealthy extreme and was plagued!! it has been nice to see that it's only powerful if i believe in whatever it is i'm believing in. does that make sense? so now, i allow myself to say crazy horrid things like, 'i could kill him' to a girlfriend, when i'm pissed at my husband, and not fear that i really will. i feel so much freer. but it's a long road to unpattern that beast. doesn't sound like you are plagued though. more like you have fun with it. i am so excited to see you've tagged me. fun. i look forward to revealing 7 random things about me.......why do you cut your face off in all your photos! i keep wanting to see your face, but it looks like you have curly hair, yeah?