Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Great Mid-Life Crisis Giveaway

On Monday night we pretended we were camping and sparked a (contained) fire in our backyard.

There was twirling action.

There was another dodgily nutritious dinner of baked beans on toast, followed by popcorn. There was a firelight story and then I went to bed in my thirties and woke up the next morning and just like that...


Startlingly, this means I’m officially, (sort-of) growed-up.

I decided that it was high time for one of those giveaway whatsits and have thunk long and hard as to what that giveaway might be – inbetween all the angsting over the mid-life crisis stuff. Then it was all entirely obvious.

I could throw myself out of a plane with a parachute attached (still haven’t entirely given up on this notion), or buy myself a little red corvette number – complete with co-ordinating blonde, or I could ‘do’ a tattoo. TATTOO...


Should you wish to be in the running to win an embroidered, mid-life crisis tattoo,

which may be worn on your ankle, like so:

or on your upper arm, like so:

or on your derrière, like so:

(or you could morph it into a pincushion or do whatever you like, really)

then it’s time to leave a comment.

But wait! There’s more! Your commenty entry makes you simultaneously eligible for the remainder of the giveaway which includes more me-made stuff:

Two rare-as-hens-teeth (can’t believe I even had them), screenprinted, 100% linen tea towels:

Two packs of cards printed on Italian cotton paper, which cater for everything from apologies to thank yous to birthdays to blankety blanks:

A four pack of gift tags:

And your choice of this book of last-minute-knitted treasures:

OR this must-have (if you don’t already) quilty book:

OR this book containing the sweetest of softies:

And that’s it (there are no steak knives).

Entries are open to one and all. There is no requirement for climbing through hoops and I am happy to post to faraway lands. Please do ensure there is some way for me to contact you via your comment. Entries close the strike of midnight (Melbourne time), this Sunday, May 1st. I’ll post the winner sometime Monday.

But wait! There IS more!

Because I can’t embroider a mid-life crisis for you all, I have made the tattoo pattern design available for you HERE. Just on the off chance anyone else hits forty and would like to craft their way through therapy...



PS. If anyone has the chutzpah to actually, seriously tattoo the thing – like on real skin – I’M TALKIN’ TO YOU JODIE, please may I have a pic for my blog header.

PPS. One day in and I confess – I’m already getting used to this aged thing.


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Anonymous said...

HI, you have such a great giveaway! and i'm 40 too!!!
Isn't it great to be 40? It took me some months but now i think it's way cool...:-)

nikkishell said...

A happy belated 40th birthday to you dearest! xxx

Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday! It's really not that bad being over 40....

Victoria said...

Happy birthday! It's a big deal, but after 18 months into this 40's lark I can honestly say ... not so bad x

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