Friday, April 1, 2011

The Trim Brim Beanie (In Small Glimpses)

Should you wish to see a Trim Brim Beanie then best not hang about here. That pic up there is the best I have for you.

Not even a treat outing on a train to see Wendy,

(an excellent pal who leaves pithy, anonymous comments on this blog and now I’ve gone and outed her),

is enough to convince the small to stay STILL

and pose helpfully.

Should you wish to see how the SPEEDIEST-EVER crochet project really looks (I swear with real determination you could do three in a night), best you pop by here or by fellow pattern-tester here. Or you could just cut to the chase and buy Amanda’s pattern here.

Serendipitously, Amanda has just posted top tips on photography with little blighters – er – children. Frankly, I’d rather work with Colin.

(Have a lovely weekend y’all).


Unknown said...

sticky tape her to the door
works for me! :)

(joking of course)


Kate said...

Ugh! My smallest is most uncooperative in the posing department lately too.
And on top of that I ran out of yarn before the brim bit so my Trim Brim has no brim.
Have an ace weekend. X

Jenny from Ohjoh said...

Even lollies & chocolate don't work here anymore for mine - damn them!

Anonymous said...

I reckon that is pretty fabulous modeling given all of that stored energy, and seeing there is just so much dodge and weave to be had in an exciting playground.

I'm not sure I would worry too much about your anonymous commenter - she is probably out already.

One Flew Over said...

She looks sweet and very happy!

I use bribery in all forms to get M to pose x

Andi said...

Kate's little one is MUCH more cooperative than yours ... it would seem!
I'm sure the beanie is lovely ... just because I know YOU made it.
Andi xx

Christina Lowry said...

Avidly taking notes on getting child to pose. However, first I must get child to consent to actually try on finished knitted vest. Much like his trying to get him to take his anti-bitoics, I am greeted by a 'nuh-uh' and a turned head. Sadly I can't sneak the vest into the yogurt, though it is working for the hot pink medicine.


A Peppermint Penguin said...

Looks like a winning SuperModel pose to me. Wouldn't the catwalks of the world be so much interesting with Small's attitude!

And the word verification is Capsy - for your capsy!

Sarah Slaven said...

ha ha my littlest loves posing only she has the wiredest teeth bared over done demon smile thing going on when she sees the camera it's almost not worth it.

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Your small looks rather cheeky, and appears to be enjoying herself quite a lot avoiding the camera.
If only I could crochet, had lessons, but I just don't get it (yet?)

Inner Pickle said...

That is one cute beanie! Even it's corners. And I think your Colin post might be one of my favourite blog posts, like, ever. Brilliant.

Umatji said...

I would like to see an interview with Colin. You know, kind of like an expose - how does he feel about being the backstop? I mean - where does COlin sleep at night?
oh - cute beanie and top model - just looking out for the underbear.

mel @ loved handmade said...

Your action shots still turned out pretty great, it's not easy getting them to co-operate! I managed to take some snaps of my big boy today (miracles happen!) He's so funny when a camera comes out, his eyes water & he starts to sqirm like he's about to transform into some crazed..something. I'd love to give that beanie a go, Amanda's pattern is just lovely..x

june at noon said...

Seems like there are just periods in the photo album when you only see an elbow or an ear, doesn't it? Have Colin's rates gone too high now?

Kylie said...

But they're wonderful photos! I love them :) Stay just the way you are, little one! Kx

Fer said...

Staple her shoes to the floor... ?

Colin is a tough act to follow though. ;)

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Actually , they're excellent photos of the hat . They demonstrate perfectly the stays-on-through-thick-and-thin-ness of it !
Grandson would like something similar , I suspect . What he really needs is a third .... crocheting .... Granny .

Anonymous said...

I tested this pattern too and do you think I could get my little one to keep the hat on for me to photograph...he didn't want a bar of it at first, but thanks to distraction I managed one or two shots.

Mel said...

The small glimpses are so very much worth it! Using every power within myself to NOT click on those links just yet as I stare at half done BSJ, and quilts that need basting, binding and hand quilting (yes that would be three separate quilts. Yes I am mental).