Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stuff and Miscellania

Stuff and Miscellania #1
In top-of-the-list, air-punchingly exciting news, the Middle burst in from the back garden to declare he had spotted a GREEN BIT ON THE DINOSAUR EGG. Goodness knows if this is caused by anything distantly related to moss, but here is the photographic evidence (you might have to squint). I think this is a win!?

Apologies to new readers. Here is the back story should you think I am (more of) a weirdo (than I deserve).

Stuff and Miscellania #2
Now both of my girls are wandering about in high end, cutting edge blanket fashion.

Stuff and Miscellania #3
Lately, all the incidental, everyday joy-stuff, seems to be about textures.

And leaf prints on pavements.

And crisp, sunny autumnal days.

(pay no attention to that summer dress. This kid’s thermostat is also entirely out of whack).

Stuff and Miscellania #4
I am crocheting through an extensive stash of yarny leftovers. I am not listening to any of my own advice. I am leaving the weaving-in business ’til the bitter end, when I shall whine and rant and the Universe shall have a God-given right to 360 degree eye-rolling.

Stuff and Miscellania #5
Wonderfullest, birthday-themed surprises in the post!

Spidery Malabrigo, shouting out to become a Citron from this Lady of Witty Commentary.

Kokeshi fabulousness from this true Earth Mother.

And Doug the Chook from a cheeky Guess Who?

Stuff and Miscellania #6
This crafting of anything and everything disorder-thing I have happening, is extending ever-wider, with the accumulation of three, roadside find, Hint of Potential chairs. The Mr is dubious of the oddness in number. Naturally, this is the bit that appeals most.

Stuff and Miscellania #7
Finally, here is the Small with her souvenir gift from a holidaying Grandma and Grandad.

Meet Sweat, the Turtle. Much loved, much coo-ed at, much fed and much disturbed: Sweat! Darling Sweaty turrrrrrtle, it’s time to wake uuuuuuuup!



Squiggly Rainbow said...

I am so excited about MOSS! We love moss in this household, now we are living in The Dandenongs we have LOTS of moss. But a moss making project on your hugely delightful rock is wonderful and such a simple lovely pleasure!

Love the blanket dress/top - did you make it?

Must learn how to crochet!

Much love Rach xxo

Stomper Girl said...

It has been such a lovely Autumn. My youngest was rewarded at school with a lollipop for making a big pile of leaves, something he did for the joy of it.

Hope the moss grows...

Tas said...

Yay on the (possible) moss. Of course it could be bird poo but go with moss!

The yarn is divine. I love the Citron patern but it doesn't seem to be getting any higher up to do knitting list.

Love the blanket pinnie.

Main texture here has a brown theme. Lots of rain and wind means lot of mud and piles of dead leaves. But the kids are still finding some red and yellow ones to collect. Thank goodness they are all old enough now to know that mummy doesn't really want 18 dead, cruddy, brown leaves as a keepsake from her beautiful children...There are some advantages to them getting older.

Anonymous said...

Good heavens... a starburst...?

Sitting here in this antarctic studio I am pondering the merits of blanket fashion. Head to toe blanket fashion.

Lola Nova said...

I would like to say that, had I known t'was your birthday...Oh wait, now that I think about it, perhaps I do recall some mention of a while back. Right then, that's out.

Oh, I've got it, had I known the details of your whereabouts, I would have sent along something for the occasion.
Well, I would like to say that but, even then I probably would have been distracted and not got 'round to it. Happiest of birthdays to you then!

I am hoping for moss but wonder if the green bit might be Caterpillar poo.

Sue said...

Did I detect a hint at a birthday...if so hope it was more than wonderful...if not it will be one day!

mel @ loved handmade said...

Exciting dinosaur egg progress! Loving the blanket fashion..I've been wondering could grownups 'work' one of these, I'd sure like to wear one!

softearthart said...

Hi, Loving that blanket dress and your wee gnome is so sweet, cheers Marie

willywagtail said...

Those blanket tunics look lovely and warm. I have a feeling the price of vintage blankets will start skyrocketiung soon with all the lovely people using them for clothes. Must remember to pick up a few pretty ones soon for myself. heheh. Cherrie

bec said...

I'm kinda thinking blanket pinnies will be tricky to sew when boosies are involved! Bring on the darts then, I guess!
Doug is THE best name for a chook!
And is the turtle 'sweat' pronouonced 'sweet'? God, I hope so, otherise she has name a toy after a bodily fluid! When do 'wee' and 'poo' join the family haha

Michelle said...

It's all go at your place! Nice to see.

S said...

green is my favourite colour! grow baby grow!

A Peppermint Penguin said...

Oooh doesn't it look scrummy all wound in a ball - by hand, looks like!

Witty - oh dear. The pressure.....

Couldn't I be Witless instead - I'm good at that just now!


All For Love said...

What a great post! I am captivated by the Autumn leaves right now also. They're beautiful. Love your pics of them.
Also loving the blanket fashion, you are so clever to turn a blanket into a gorgeous tunic top, WOW!

Anonymous said...

Hello there, loving this post! And your blog in general of course. I am mostly thrilled for you about that speck of moss on your dinosaur egg - that is in tough competition with the blankie vest. I LOVE THAT VEST. We had a whole bunch of blankets just like that one when I was a kid. Next one I see at the op shop has my name on it.

---- just went to type in the magic jumble word I have to type to get this comment to post, you would not believe that the first five letters are: O VEST (then there are a few more but to mention them would detract from the marvellous coincidence that is O VEST)

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Come on Dinosaur egg, grow more green stuff! Now!
And my two kids both have faulty thermostats. Think of the positives: a lot less clothes to wash (and get dry) in winter as they don't always wear much.

CurlyPops said...

Those lovely blankety vests are the snuggliest things I've ever seen!

Nikki said...

Gosh... so much stuff going on over there!!

I shall be expecting regular updates on the citron and on the moss... and I'm always happy to hear the latest about my soon-to-be-adopted girls!

(Looking fwd to seeing you on Sunday)

Tammy said...

Ahhh green!! so exciting! I think I see a little more the the right in that image too! Love love love the blanket up-cycling too!

melissa said...

Oooh - you have moss, finally!

I'm loving the blanket fashion, very chic! I think I have that same blanket stashed in my cupboard somewhere.

Naturally Carol said...

I do indeed think it is the tiniest piece of moss on your dinosaur egg! How exciting! Loving Dougy the chook too.

Red Red Completely Red said...

There is most definitely green there! That's amazing. Surely, once a little bit has sprouted, the rest will follow...

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

I have been wondering about your ball. Glad to see progress!

Anonymous said...

The skeletal leaves are amazing as is the blanket fashion :)
How exciting to be seeing some growth on your dinosaur egg.

Ali said...

I love the blanket clothes! am I too old to wear blankets? hmmm I think a nice high waisted a-line mini skirt would go down well! also my mum hates wool blankets so there are a few in the cupboard at her place that have hardly been used!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

That moss looks very convincing to me ... unless it's a dinosaur snout trying to break through? That would make Middle Child's day !
Delighted to see that you've all recovered your joie de vivre .

Unknown said...

yay for the moss!
I have to admit though that I am more impressed with the blanket top than the moss. It is just gorgeous! I love love love it!

Fer said...

Nice to see your autumn days are filled with intrigue, inspiration and your ever present sense of humour. Loving it. :-)

june at noon said...

Ha! My first thought was, "I thought it was getting chilly in that part of the world. Why the short sleeves?" And then I remembered it was *your* kid. ;)

Lauren said...

very cool to see the moss has started growing!...and that chicken to cute for words!

Michelle said...

I'm now following your blog just to see what happens to the dinosaur egg!

Madeline said...

Fabulous bits of miscellany! The egg has me in absolute suspense.

silverpebble said...

Might be moss. Might be. Might be my my old mate Algie the alga, only a teeny bit lower on the evolutionary ladder.

My favourite song circa 1981:

Algie met a bear
The bear met Algie
The bear was bulgy
The bulge was Algie

Here's hoping there are no bears lurking in your garden.