Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Fine Balance (and Other Things)

In succinct-ish (I’m not that good at succinct) bullet points:

Bullet Point #1
There is a lot of work happening and this is NOT not good. This is, in fact, theoretically fabulous. There is income. There are occasions, when doing a real job well, prompts a little heart skip – even if that heart skip happens at three in the morning and I am delirious.

Bullet Point #2
Because there is a lot of my work stuff happening, our household has tipped upside down and inside out and suddenly it is the Mr who is cooking the meals and doing the bulk of the parenting and trying to hold his sanity together. Such is the scenario, when two self employed persons get together and make children. Everyone clambers aboard the family-sized rollercoaster and rollicks off on an extended ride. This is neither bad or good. Just rollercoastery.

Bullet Point #3
Through all of this rollercoasting, juggling act, I can still see the bigger work picture. The one where there are three children at school and there is (possibly) more time than now. I am in no hurry for this. There is so much growth spurting happening here, I can’t keep up. Yesterday the Bigger-Small leapt into my arms and bowled me over.

Bullet Point #4
There is no time for space. No time for thinking random thoughts and turning them on their head and looking at ’em sideways. There is no time to blog but sometimes writing stuff down seems almost as necessary as breathing. There is no time for bloggy visiting but sometimes, I do – stealthily – leaving one of those telepathic comments. Did you hear something whizz past your ear?

Bullet Point #5
Something else that seems a necessary sin is the knit thing. It doesn’t matter what. Lately, in short sustaining breaks, I have knit two thirds of an arm warmer thingummyjig in a lace pattern which I will not finish,

because I am part way through a more structured cable thing which is lots more me.

Except this has been tossed aside,

because my Shelter yarn arrived yesterday

and I have cast on a Zumthor for the Mr,

which I will finish in snatches of crafted grateful therapy.

Bullet Point #6
Thanks to you literary lovelies, I have a reading list stretching to the sky and have had short bursts of practise at the Art of the Simultaneous Knit and Read. This roughly translates to a row of knitting followed by a page of reading. Although this was never precisely the aim, I feel like I’m mostly winning.


One Flew Over said...

I just don't know how you do it x

Lola Nova said...

Take all that minus the knitting and I'm riding the coaster as well.
Heart in my throat at every steep fall and galloping turn.
I find that every so often - not too often mind you - letting out a great big "Yawp!" or "YeeHaw!" in the middle of your day can be quite invigorating.

Umatji said...

ar I just get 'zausted getting breakfast on the table and theoretically we are on holiday! I now need a lie down on account of vicarious exhuastion from you as well as my own. Darn. will need even more therapy now. oh well, that is peaceful I guess. don't know. no time for therapy.

Jackie @ Fred-and-Cissy said...

I'm with you all the way on points 1-5! I keep telling myself that I should try not to get sunstroke whilst 'making hay while the sun shines' - more work is great but it sure does wreak havoc with the household.

Glad to hear you've got a good arrangement with the Mr. & hope you find some sanity time out for the family, crafting and possible simultaneous reading!!

Red Pepper Quilts - Rita Hodge said...

Enjoy the ride! Looking forward to seeing more of your crafty/knitty/stitch projects as they unfurl.

Heading over to check out your reading list now.


Andi said...

You seem busy ... but happy ... which is a good place to be!
You're ACE Tania!!!
Andi xx

PS Jake is taller than my shoulders. He's 7. Talk about bowling me over!!

teddybearswednesday said...

Is that what the strange buzzing was?
No all jokes aside, I think are well and truly a rock star, I agree with One Flew Over, I don't know how you do it.
Hang on in the rolleroaster and make sure there is time to breathe xoxo

Unknown said...

Aah yes the rollercoaster what a fun ride ! Enjoy the good bits xx

mybeardedpigeon@gmail.com said...

Busy/happy too. have also left telepathic commments. it is a balance- we thought we would throw a renovation in for good measure. one where Chef becomes a quasi builder to save some $. Yay! but phew. need a holiday.

Pétra said...

Your bullet points make so much sense to me! My husband is self employed and works out of the house, I am wrapped up more and more in quilting/blogging trying to figure that all out, the kids are out of school and despite being older (I'm sorry to say) they need our attention just as much! It's craziness but it's ours and it works most of the time. Have fun at least we can have this flexibility and make it work!

Flaming Nora said...

It would appear we are in fact living the same life, except we are at the beginnings of the long summer holiday over here. Much as I love my work, if one more HUGE order come in, or even one more order I was expecting but turns out to be larger than I thought I think I will explode.

Gaby said...

wow, you are super talented/efficient! that lace pattern is beautiful. x

Suse said...

I forgot to say in my last comment (books) that one of the alltime best books in teh world is 'A Fine Balance' by Rohinton Mistry.

Possibly you already know this and that's why you titled this post thus, but possibly not. Hence the comment. Which apparently is going on and on.

And on.

'A Fine Balance' by Rohinton Mistry. And anything else by him too. He's brilliant.

Ange Moore said...

Glad to hear there is work to finance the knitting and reading habit!! Just sorry to read that the work is cramping your knitting and reading style.

Nose to the grindstone and all that!

flowerpress said...

Glad to hear all going well with your balancing act, I find it helps to have a fellow juggler!
Great that there is time for sanity aids of knit and read and small people.
p.s. Your bullet points got no bullets ;-)

Stomper Girl said...

I can't knit and do anything else, not even television. Crochet isn't much better. But I'm finding the embroidery (short attention span, moi?) quite good for multi-tasking, I don't know why. Glad the Mister is picking up the household, I do like it that you have each others' backs.

Duyvken said...

Lovely post! I know what you mean about projecting forward to times when there will be more 'time'. I have gotten half of nothing done this year and it's already August!

Vintage Jane said...

Go with it girl, stick with it, ride the wave and eventually it ripples onto the shore ... it does get easier once the little ones get to school. And like you I am luckt to have a man who does all the cooking - don't know what I would do if he didn't. M x

Magic Bean said...

Knit one read one sounds like a good mantra. Slow but good. Ax

A Peppermint Penguin said...

It's good to see you sticking to the cheap yarn.

Yummy grey cables!

You are doing fabulously, as usual. You are collectively a wonderful family and you all pull in the same direction.

Is the Mr any better at supplying clean pants?

bec said...

You just make me happy. I don't know why, you make all the hard and crazy stuff seem normal and silly; I snorted at the middle child knocking you over (nearly there myself) and got all warm and fuzzy and at how you and the Mr look after your family. Like a really good movie, but in lots of little doses. Just love it. Thanks.
PS yep, still driving and knitting, but don't tell anyone.

Mary said...

Mostly winning is good. On all fronts

Copper Patch said...

Without trying to be Sammy the Suck...I love your words Tania. I've never read your blog posts and not ended up with a grin.
Have fun on your ready, knitty adventures...I dare you to try both while on a rollercoaster ;o)
Ab xx

june at noon said...

I know the feeling. I'm working on a custom order that I've procrastinated seriously far too long (for a friend of a friend, which I sort of took advantage of). And I'm redoing the entire house, which includes refinishing furniture and other multitudes of things. And I'm leaving on a short vacation and haven't thought about packing yet. No time to think!

Hope the knitting continues to soothe you and you continue to find satisfaction in the jobs well done!

Tas said...

Oh man- how I giggled at #5.

I feel overwhelmed daily when I look at my short and long term "to do" lists. And I have no where near the commitments that I think you do. You cope so well.


Fer said...

Having a massive baby brain day today, so I'll just stick with - "cool". ♥ ♥ ♥

greenolive said...

As they say – make hay while the sun shines. Enjoy the extra income BUT, remember to leave some aside to buy yourself something, something you really want.

Kate Moore said...

I hear ya. There's a plan in our household but some days I feel like I am the only one working toward it and boy, oh boy, are we tired. The plan is 18 months, maybe a bit more, and counting. Oh I am counting.

Sandrine said...

Hang on to the roller coaster it will get better I am sure...No need to reply I will just listen to your telepathic voice in my ear :)Also your cable knitting is just gorgeous and oh that yarn...:)Hope the weekend gives you some relief!Take care ♥xx

Gina said...


(No, not a four-letter word, a coupla kisses).

sophie said...

I am kind of struggling here with enjoying my business of working one day and studying 2 with knowing my kids are doing more and more childcare, and wondering if that is OK? We sort of do the rollercoastery thing but the husband is still MIA (at the bank) most of the time so the kids and I are doing our best to all be happy and content and OK with change and new experiences! It's good to know others are out there juggling the work/life balance too and making a success of it.