Monday, November 28, 2011

Me and Her (and Her New Shoes)

On Saturday, the big kid scored a new pair of shoes. Even though she is not the kind of kid to care many hoots what she wears, she is utterly chuffed to the back teeth over these shoes.

On Sunday, I cleared time and headspace and me and my girl and my girl’s new shoes, spent the day in town.

We Markit-ed and we traversed the entire city grid in search of an elusive ukelele,

showed her shoes some sights,

hung out and drank hot chocolate.

When we’d finished doing all that we thought up some other things that her new shoes might like

to try.

As I type this, I’m wearing a broad grin on my face. Truthfully, I’m also blinking back a tear or two (bazillion).

Next week, my girl turns ten. I don’t think I’ve really mentioned how tough nine has been, for every one. A veritable baptism of parenting fire.

Yesterday, away from all the usual, I stepped back and I saw something different. I suspect she stepped back and saw me differently too. Yesterday was a magic balm, soothing our battle scars.

In the train, on the way home, her and her new shoes insisted on standing. She wanted to see if she could stay on her feet for the whole journey without holding on once.

Of course she did.

Look at her there, standing on her own two feet. Doing just fine, Mum.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Even Though...

Even though I always knew, even from swap sign up, that this would be a last-minute, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants project, I kicked myself when that is exactly how things turned out.

Even though I turned my house upside down and spent waaay too much time pursuing a different idea, this one was pulled together over a calming, PULL-YOURSELF-TOGETHER-GIRL! cup of tea.

Even though I do like the tall, spindly, plant-like business, it seemed a bit ‘nice’ for my style. It seemed fitting to throw a fly onto the screen.

Even though I adore the colour (cos, sorry, I’m still stuck in the Blue Period), I shouldn’t have mixed it under warm lights at 10pm on Saturday night.

Even though I adore the colour,

it’s one of those almost luminescent kinds – the sort that glows a bit, plays tricks in some lights.

Even though the oatmealy Japanese linen is all kinds of delicious, I probably should have printed the swap versions on white.

Even though there are all those endless ‘even thoughs’ and there is a great, whopping, printing table taking up half of my living room and there was a whole lot of effort involved to print just a few metres, I caught the bug again (thanks, Leslie). P’raps we’ll just live around the great, whopping, printing table, for a few more days.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Why, Hello There, Blog. O, How I’ve Missed Thee...

The last few weeks have whizzed by in a blur of just plain, real life but lately just plain, real life seems to have upped the ante. The combination of commitments and obligations have verged on the ridiculous but I am grateful to report, that a part of me – the bemused part – merely raised an imaginary eyebrow. (I’m still missing the eyebrow-raising gene so any actual eyebrow-raising is left to the experts).

Snippets from recent weeks include a to-scale cicada construction by the Mr, (above). The hope is that he will be the chosen artist-type and thus commissioned to produce a scaled-up cicada, with a three metre wing span. I am assured, were he the chosen artist-type, that the scaled-up version would not occur in our living room.

Still along a bug theme, here are the latest leafy stick insect babies, hanging about like leafy stick insects. At latest count we have fourteen and I am besotted with each and every one of ’em. It takes three of us to feed them fresh leaves, because despite the hanging about and complete stillness evidenced here,

they are Speedy Gonzales, blink-and-you-miss-’em, escaping Houdini-critters.

The Small asked for the 27,347,226th time if she could be a gymnast. She is pictured below wearing her sister’s leotard because, handily, the class is scheduled when the sister is at school and isn’t around to scream blue sibling murder.

While the gymnast is also clad in a bicycle helmet, this is not yet due to required backflipping manoeuvres of amazingness. It is because the Small and I have been peddling about (and so loving it!) with the help of one of these. Less helpfully, the kid pedals in but one direction (backwards).

There’s been some wonderful, generous, sweetest of treats in the letterbox...

A piece of Tinniegirl ART as part of a swap thing, is now happily ensconced in my kitchen. Titled To The Sea, Cathy sent it after reading my post about a particularly scratchy weekend, where temporary relief was found at the beach. I now have a piece of fabulous ART in my kitchen, prompting clever parenting strategies.

Yarnbombed, French glamour arrived in the form of a 2012 diary thanks to that excellent, crochet-cushion-crafting Kylie. (Belinda, thank you! I believe you played some role in this too?!). Geez, I’m a lucky duck. And geez, my high school French is rusty.

After a certain amount of recent angst around the dignity of yarnbombing disguises, I have finally settled on my get-up. Complete (obviously) with the red-lipsticked pout. Providing I can translate the pattern from French.

Alexis, whom I met over on Ravelry through our mutual love of a Mara shawl pattern and Socks That Rock yarn, went off to a sheep and wool show and sent me some scrumptious stuff flavoured like a New York autumn. It blows my (soon to be New York autumn) socks off, such generosity.

My inlaws have also sent evidence of the Mr’s educational credentials. Amongst the serious university business, there were a few gems, enthusiastically framed within an hour of arrival...

The 1976 certificate for THIRD in the Lower Boys Three-Legged race over 75 metres:

The 1977 effort – a FIRST in the Upper Boys Sack Race, over 50 metres:

GOLD! I say!

Punctuating everything and all of the above, are tiny but frequent opportunities to knit knit knit my way through a 2ply cardigan.

For me, it replaces any need for rocking back and forth in the nearest corner. Knitted sanity, it is. ME time. Opportunity to quietly and simultaneously practise single eyebrow lifts. Even if I do attend every school pick-up, walking around like a knitting nutter.