Saturday, November 12, 2011

Why, Hello There, Blog. O, How I’ve Missed Thee...

The last few weeks have whizzed by in a blur of just plain, real life but lately just plain, real life seems to have upped the ante. The combination of commitments and obligations have verged on the ridiculous but I am grateful to report, that a part of me – the bemused part – merely raised an imaginary eyebrow. (I’m still missing the eyebrow-raising gene so any actual eyebrow-raising is left to the experts).

Snippets from recent weeks include a to-scale cicada construction by the Mr, (above). The hope is that he will be the chosen artist-type and thus commissioned to produce a scaled-up cicada, with a three metre wing span. I am assured, were he the chosen artist-type, that the scaled-up version would not occur in our living room.

Still along a bug theme, here are the latest leafy stick insect babies, hanging about like leafy stick insects. At latest count we have fourteen and I am besotted with each and every one of ’em. It takes three of us to feed them fresh leaves, because despite the hanging about and complete stillness evidenced here,

they are Speedy Gonzales, blink-and-you-miss-’em, escaping Houdini-critters.

The Small asked for the 27,347,226th time if she could be a gymnast. She is pictured below wearing her sister’s leotard because, handily, the class is scheduled when the sister is at school and isn’t around to scream blue sibling murder.

While the gymnast is also clad in a bicycle helmet, this is not yet due to required backflipping manoeuvres of amazingness. It is because the Small and I have been peddling about (and so loving it!) with the help of one of these. Less helpfully, the kid pedals in but one direction (backwards).

There’s been some wonderful, generous, sweetest of treats in the letterbox...

A piece of Tinniegirl ART as part of a swap thing, is now happily ensconced in my kitchen. Titled To The Sea, Cathy sent it after reading my post about a particularly scratchy weekend, where temporary relief was found at the beach. I now have a piece of fabulous ART in my kitchen, prompting clever parenting strategies.

Yarnbombed, French glamour arrived in the form of a 2012 diary thanks to that excellent, crochet-cushion-crafting Kylie. (Belinda, thank you! I believe you played some role in this too?!). Geez, I’m a lucky duck. And geez, my high school French is rusty.

After a certain amount of recent angst around the dignity of yarnbombing disguises, I have finally settled on my get-up. Complete (obviously) with the red-lipsticked pout. Providing I can translate the pattern from French.

Alexis, whom I met over on Ravelry through our mutual love of a Mara shawl pattern and Socks That Rock yarn, went off to a sheep and wool show and sent me some scrumptious stuff flavoured like a New York autumn. It blows my (soon to be New York autumn) socks off, such generosity.

My inlaws have also sent evidence of the Mr’s educational credentials. Amongst the serious university business, there were a few gems, enthusiastically framed within an hour of arrival...

The 1976 certificate for THIRD in the Lower Boys Three-Legged race over 75 metres:

The 1977 effort – a FIRST in the Upper Boys Sack Race, over 50 metres:

GOLD! I say!

Punctuating everything and all of the above, are tiny but frequent opportunities to knit knit knit my way through a 2ply cardigan.

For me, it replaces any need for rocking back and forth in the nearest corner. Knitted sanity, it is. ME time. Opportunity to quietly and simultaneously practise single eyebrow lifts. Even if I do attend every school pick-up, walking around like a knitting nutter.


Tas said...

You have been a busy miss!

2 ply scares me. Haven't knitted with it at all.

That yarn...Autumn is right. Stunning.

So how is the daily head count on those insects going? ;)

trudi@maudeandme said...

I always say my craft is my therapy sessions - I think it is cheaper too??
Lots of loveliness I can see.

teddybearswednesday said...

OH Tania, I have missed you so!
glad to hear all is Ok in your neck of the woods.
And yes those certificates are pure GOLD!!

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Were my husband to have been placed in a sack race I'd be framing the certificates too. He did once fall over in the Father's egg and spoon race, but sadly you don't get recognition for that ;D
That is some seriously lovely yarn you have there :D

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Were my husband to have been placed in a sack race I'd be framing the certificates too. He did once fall over in the Father's egg and spoon race, but sadly you don't get recognition for that ;D
That is some seriously lovely yarn you have there :D

june at noon said...

What is with you people and insects? I just can't fathom it. ;)

Sally said...

What awesome certificates. You must be so proud :)

At this time of year life does start to get out of control doesn't it?

One Flew Over said...

Great to hear from you Tan!

Fingers firmly crossed for the Mr and the cicada.

I will also down a few stiff drinks on your behalf - 2ply...cardigan?!

Makes me want to run for the hills.


Jodie said...

My eyeballs tripped over themselves when I checked my reader. ooh I hope the artist gets chosen, i want giant insects in your driveway in the worst possible way. (I fondly remember the head)

Unknown said...

May I just say that I am SOOO freaked out by cicidas. They are just so....big...and skin is crawling!

Cinnamon said...

Oh how I have missed Myrtle and Eunice! Hello, welcome back. (Third place, huh. I love that his parents kept that. :)

Jackie @ Fred-and-Cissy said...

I can see that you and the Mr were always meant to be - fancy being known as 'Mr Myrtleandeunice' in primary school!!! Your knitting looks lovely, and I'm glad its therapeutic, as I'd be frustrated by the slow progress involved (I made a 5 ply jumper for the Cyclist once and the process nearly did me in, I'm too impatient for such things!)

Kylie said...

OMG those certificates are fabulous! :) What a great laugh... (no offense intended of course). Loving the look of your cardi and the soon-to-be-giant cicada.
Gymnast girl already has the most amazing gymnast-type arms - look at those toned muscles! (Very jealous) and your autumnal toned yarn looks divine. Glad you like the book and those bunny ears will look fab on you ;) So wonderful to have you back again Mrs :) Kx

Anonymous said...

Knitted sanity..I like it and think I could do with a good dose of it myself!

Not a fan of cicadas but I reckon I could handle a sculpture :)


willywagtail said...

Amazing cicada! Hope it gets chosen. How did you get Mr Myrtleandeunice onto those certificates? Or was that really what he was called? Cherrie

A Peppermint Penguin said...

Hello you Knitting Knutter!

quirky granola girl said...

love the leotard and bike helmet combo. the small sure has style :) and that yarn looks so yummy that i'm almost tempted to pick up some knitting. almost. i don't know if i can find my yarn under all of the fabric... those framed certificates are awesome. i tossed my certificates for crossing guard and flag raising achievements. now i wish i would have kept them :)

Angus in Northcote said...

You took the time to photoshop the names on the certificates - *golf clap*

Can I also suggest that your yarn bombing disguise include wig-like yarn protruding from underneath the beanie. OR (just thought of this) why not a whole yarn wig tied up in a french bun? Awesome.

No. It isn't finished. Sigh.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

It's all awesome ...
Small , looking as though she's about to be fired from a cannon .
The soon to be gigantic cicada .
The admired from afar ( very far ) toddling sticks .
The GROWING , rather than languishing , cardi .
And Tas' rather unsettling comment , asking about the " daily head count of those insects " .

Gaby said...

ha, i cannot knit on the go. i end up dropping stitches and completely forgetting what i'm trying to make!

Stomper Girl said...

Hope it all calms down for you soon. Love that you framed those awesome stifficates.

(I don't have the single eyebrow raising gene, although I did once spend about 6 months trying to learn and by pulling a stupid face and winking a bit, I can nearly -sorta- do it)

Nikki said...

Lovely to hear from you, dear high-speed-peddling friend and apologies for adding to the to-do list.

Totally get the knitting thing, especially at school pick-up.

flowerpress said...

What wonderful luck that the Mr was prenamed and predestined for you :-)
That must be where the small gets her gymnastic genes from.
Reminds me of a photo of my brother standing second on a podium (?) for the egg and spoon race at about the same age. We're sporty types too ;-)

tea with lucy said...

sporting gold indeed. had there been certificates for such things at my school i just may not have been such an athletics failure. xo

Magic Bean said...

Good to hear from you. That cicada reminds me of this clock in Cambridge, which never fails to entrance me.
Here's to a happy week, Ax

Di said...

Have been wondering about those trailer bike thingamies... Will take this as a tip and investigate!
LOVE the childhood certificates. Definitely framable.
Happy knitting xx

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

That painting looks totally at home in it's new home.

Lovely to read a big catch up on all your news. I was wondering if you were buried under a pile of life!

Bianca said...

you don't happen to live in the northern suburbs of melbs do you? we had one of those little stick insect critters on our walls a week or so ago?! not sure where it came from.

Wendy said...

As I really want to see you in that yarn bombing outfit, feel free to scan and email me the page and I'll translate it for you!

belinda marshall said...

some great mail there! {the yarn bombing book had your name on it!!}.
good luck with the cicada :)
your little one is so sweet!