Sunday, September 30, 2012

Not Drowning. Waving! (Though P’raps a Little Waterlogged Around the Edges)

I hadn’t planned to fall down some watery vortex thingy, unannounced and all, but, know. The ante was upped and there were kid issues to deal with and some really lovely work stuff to juggle and now months have whizzed by and I’m sitting primly on the edge of the posh chair, knees pressed together, back straight, trying not to slurp my tea and feeling like a guest in my own blog.

While I was doing the vortex thing, I amassed eleventy bazillion blog posts in my head. I’ve forgotten almost all of them...

I’ve been a lioness Mama and done a victory lap. From the sidelines I’m learning to read – like you learn to read when it doesn’t happen by osmosis – and my dyslexic kid has a smile on his dial.

There are countless other, supremely dodgy Mama moments. Mostly swept inconspicuously under the rug.

I made two quilt tops in February and gifted them in their total unfinished-ness to my July birthday children. The flimsy bits of scrappy cotton are still draped decoratively over their doona covers. Both children know NOT TO PICK AT LOOSE THREADS.

I thought up a brilliant name for a business. Unnervingly, inexplicably, the name and the website are available. This indicates the rest of the world thinks this is a stonkingly bad name for a business.

I’ve knit a whole lot of therapy.

I crocheted an Ugly Blanket. It’s ugly snuggly.

I changed my blog header and purposely stuck a blurry fly on it. I still like flies. Flies still have chutzpah.

I took one day out and I went to The Nursery. Breathe.

I took an hour out before dinner and went to the beach with the kidlets. Double breathe. I remembered the camera...

Took a goofy shot...

A kid nicked the camera...

(Evidence I haven’t been swallowed by the vortex – albeit with scary, vortex hair).

I was thinking I’d like to come back for another visit. Find the comfy armchair in this blog, slurp tea and not care if I leave biscuit crumbs.

I’ve got some catching up to do. HOW ARE YOU?