Saturday, October 11, 2014

I Made a Thing!

A Finished Thing! A Woven-in Ends Thing!

A Thing crafted over a kazillion kid swimming and music lessons and half hour work breaks. Lots of slivers of crafty therapy slotted into long days. (But only two instances of red traffic light craft with kids screeching GREEN! GO! at relevant sort of moments).

Way back, the original intent was for some out-of-character, understated, blankety loveliness. Elegant, textural, minimalist. EXACTLY LIKE KYLIE’S! (Love your blanket, K). 
See that yellow border there? Pure colour therapy. I couldn’t look at another ball of charcoal grey.

Today I came to terms with the fact that I will never be understated or elegant or textural or minimalist (sob). And nor will my blankets. I went out and chose yarn for the next blankety therapy thing.

Sixteen colours. YEE HAR!


Vital Stats Bizzo: 1500mm x 1300mm, 56 squares of some pattern found in some book which I have placed somewhere verrrrry safe. (???). But I evolved the pattern umpteen times (after losing my book) and these were crocheted on the fly, and well, you know? Border also helpfully pulled out of thin air. Yarn: 8ply Totem and Cleckheaton Country. Toasty warm but a bit on the scratchy side. Which is why I forked out for cashmerino today and shall henceforth live on plain pasta on toast. Or something.